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GreenScreen Challenge

GreenScreen Challenge

What is the GreenScreen Challenge?

The “GreenScreen Challenge” is an initiative to evaluate the hazards of chemical ingredients in can-lining materials using GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals. GreenScreen® provides a transparent, scientifically robust, and pragmatic framework for evaluating chemical hazards and for informing selection of safer alternatives.

As part of a recent report “Buyer Beware: Toxic BPA and Regrettable Substitutes Found in the Linings of Canned Food,” the authors called on manufacturers and retailers to investigate the hazards of alternatives to bisphenol-A (BPA) in can linings. Ideally the GreenScreen Challenge seeks to identify alternatives to BPA in can linings that do not contain GreenScreen Benchmark 1 chemicals – defined as chemicals of high concern to be avoided.

Download an introduction to GreenScreen here.

How Do I Take the GreenScreen Challenge?

Step 1 – Contact Clean Production Action

Contact us to learn more about the Challenge and indicate your interest in joining the initiative.  

Step 2 - Identify chemical ingredients in proposed can-lining alternatives

Work with your suppliers to identify the chemical ingredients – including polymers, additives and/or resins -- used in your can-lining materials. If your suppliers are not willing to fully disclose all ingredients used in your materials due to confidentiality concerns, enlist an independent third-party Licensed GreenScreen Profiler to help complete this process. A Licensed Profiler can work with your supply chain under appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to obtain all ingredient information, while maintaining confidentiality of specific chemicals or formulations if necessary. All Profilers are professional toxicology firms who are well equipped to handle confidential business information.    

Step 3 – Assess hazards of can-lining alternatives

Partner with CPA and a Licensed Profiler to assess hazards of your can-lining material using GreenScreen. The process will ensure protection of confidential business information as necessary.

Step 4 - Communicate assessment findings

To the fullest extent possible, publicly disclose results of the GreenScreen assessments.