GreenScreen Practitioners

  • GreenScreen Practitioners

The GreenScreen Practitioner Program provides our most advanced training in the GreenScreen method.  Successful participants will be licensed to author assessments for their registered organizations.  In addition, if 3rd party review is ever desired or needed, they are licensed to submit their Authorized Assessments to CPA to become Certified Assessments.

Congratulations to the first GreenScreen Practitioners!

The following individuals successfully completed all of the requirements to become GreenScreen Practitioners:

GreenScreen Practitioner Date of Completion
(three-year renewal period)
Registered Entity
Jonathan Ostrowski April 2014 Clarke
Cory Robertson April 2014 Hewlett Packard
Truus Tiemersma April 2014 DSM AHEAD
Curtis Wray April 2014 Hewlett Packard

To learn more about the GreenScreen Practitioner Program and find out about the next scheduled program,  visit our training page.